“The business and the person, the person and the business: you have to connect the human side with the business side to create a sustainable business both in the social and commercial environment.”   more
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Do you want to enter the field of the world’s leading social innovators? AshokaNL and Shaerpa Fund Management are looking for a Social Innovator / Venture Talent (Traineeship).
Period: Social Innovator / Venture Talent (Traineeship)

Traineeship: June 2016 – December 2017

Get ready to enter an exciting hands-on traineeship program where you will be introduced to world’s leading social innovations and social entrepreneurs, learn all about social investments and perform social impact analysis. You’ll be part of not one, but two organisations with different approaches, but one common goal: selecting and supporting impact driven social innovations and enterprises.


Ashoka is the global network of the world’s leading social innovators. We build networks of pattern-changing social innovators and find high-impact entrepreneurs who creatively solve some of the world’s biggest social challenges.

Over 30 years, Ashoka has become the largest network of social innovators worldwide (3,000 fellows in over 75 countries). Ashoka The Netherlands, part of the Ashoka Europe Hub, has started its activities in 2014.

Shaerpa Fund Management is an impact investment fund that manages a.o. the Benelux focussed SI2 Fund, with the mission to generate high social impact and a fair financial return through sustainable investments in social enterprises in Europe.

In their cooperation AshokaNL and shaerpa Fund Management offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity for a hands-on traineeship with on-the-job learning in the sector of social innovations, social enterpreneurship and social finance.


  • Learn to search for and screen social entrepreneurs, social innovations and social investments opportunities according to the criteria’s of both Ashoka and Shaerpa Fund Management;
  • Undertake research on a relevant theme, resulting in at least one publication;
  • Making analyses of social impact;
  • Support (financial) investments analyses;
  • Organize (joint) events to connect supporters and investors to social entrepreneurs.


  • Exposure to some of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs and social investors;
  • Insight in the world impact investment;
  • Boosting your personal development throughout the hands-on traineeship;
  • Getting to know world’s largest international network of social innovators;
  • Experiencing part of selection process, most probably abroad;
  • Working in an international value-driven environment where you are able to learn and contribute to a society where more people have the tools to initiate and manage social change;
  • Working in a fun team;
  • Fixed-term trainee contract of 18 months. After 9 month an evaluation will take place with Ashoka and Shaerpa Fund Management;
  • Trainee allowance of € 900,- per month including 8% vacation pay.



  • You are a MA graduate in preferably Business Administration, Economics, Management Science, Corporate Finance, International Development Studies or Social Entrepreneurship;
  • You are eager to learn, dare to think differently and are willing to invest in your career;
  • Maximum three years of working experience, preferably with social entrepreneurship or social finance;
  • You have a flexible and yet determined way of working;
  • You are dedicated to social entrepreneurship, social innovation, realisation of social impact and eager to learn;
  • You are capable to talk with stakeholders at many different levels;
  • You have good planning and analytic skills;
  • You are pro-active;
  • You are fluent in Dutch and English.



Triggered by our traineeship? Please send your motivation and CV before Monday May 16th 2016 in an email with subject: Venture Talent AshokaNL and Shaerpa Fund Management, to Evita Amstelveen – HR Talentmanager of Ashoka The Netherlands – RecruitmentNL@ashoka.org.

Please state in your letter:

  • Why you are interested in the traineeship of AshokaNL and Shaerpa Fund Management
  • How you relate to social innovations, social entrepreneurship and social finance

The first interviews will take place on Monday May 23rd 2016 and the second interviews on Monday May 30th 2016. For both interviews applies that they will take place in the morning in Utrecht on the referred dates.

Case Studies

Andere Handen Community

Andere Handen Community

Het werk in de zorg verandert snel door de toepassing van technologie en social media en de toenemende nadruk op zelfregie en samenredzaamheid. Andere Handen Community faciliteert een web-based ontmoetingsplek waar zorgwerkers worden geactiveerd en gestimuleerd zichzelf te ontwikkelen. Dit gebeurt door de gebruikmaking van discussies, experts, kennis, innovaties, tips en ervaringen aan te bieden. Voor onze opdrachtgever hebben we de investering geanalyseerd, due diligence en structurering uitgevoerd en begeleiden we de sociale onderneming.

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Dementie en Alzheimer tasten de kwaliteit van leven zwaar aan; cliënten raken geïsoleerd, rusteloos en agressief. Het herstellen van het contact tussen patiënten, familie en zorgverlener zal het sociaal isolement en de mate van agressie verminderen. MemorieCare ontwikkelt en verkoopt diverse producten die het contact met dementie- en alzeheimer patiënten herstellen. Voor onze opdrachtgever hebben we de investering geanalyseerd, due diligence en structurering uitgevoerd en begeleiden we deze sociale onderneming.

Into D'mentia

Into D'mentia

A simulation training to bring caregivers and care professionals into the perception of persons with alzheimers or dementia. Into D’mentia offers a  lifelike experience. When you experienced how it is to live with dementia, you will understand better, show more understanding, offer better care, and feel the care as less burdensome….

For our client we structured the investment and provide a coaching role for the social enterprise.

Het Paradijs

Het Paradijs

This Dutch care farm caters for children with ADHD and their parents.

We represent our client as a member of the board of this organisation.Furthermore, amongst many other activities, we have carried out analysis with regard to social return on investment and we have contributed to the efforts to structure the business as a social interest organisation.

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